Our Process

We like to get involved early in the thought process of building you a new home. We have seen clients fall in love with a house, and a lot, only to find out the two don’t work well together. We help guide you in a cost effective direction that will allow them to build the home of their dreams, on a budget you can afford.

We work with a local draftsman to draw our blueprints. This means face to face meetings with both you, the draftsman and us. Once the blueprints are complete, we begin the pricing phase.

It is up to you to determine how you would like the pricing phase to work. We can budget “standard” finishing selections for items such as plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, kitchen cabinets, etc. If you prefer to be more in control, you can make those selections in advance, and we will price EXACTLY what you select.

Once a price is agreed upon, we will compile all the data used for the pricing. We will sign a contract and a detailed list of specification for with will be use to build your new home.

Once construction starts, we are very hands on. Most days during the building process we visit the site daily, if not multiple times a day. If there is ever a need for an on-site meeting with you we can schedule accordingly, otherwise you are free to visit the site at your leisure.

At the end of the construction, we will walk through the home room by room. At this time we will address any issues or questions that you may have about the home, or products used. We will make you familiar with the locations of water shut-offs, identify electrical components, and specialty items you may have selected.

Next step is the end of building process, and starts the warranty period. After closing, the home has a warranty period of one year. Our warranty is a 36 page document. It is provided to us by the Home Builders Association.