Is it Friday yet?

Through the past couple of weeks, I have tried to increase the web presences of MRC. While I am convinced that no one is looking for a builder on the internet, or Facebook for that matter. However, I realize that I have friends from high school, acquaintances, and business networks that might have a friend, or family member that is looking for a builder. With the ever growing social media, I am now convinced that I might be committing business suicide if I don’t jump on the wave now. Today is my third post to try to get my current network of friends to try to “like” the page I have created for MRC.

This week my mom and dad have been out of town. I have had the luxury of covering the phones for all three, and checking emails for my mom. They return tonight, and will handle will assume their own tasks again in the morning. It is only Thursday, but with the burden of work load removed from my shoulders, it might as well be Friday.

This is the first post to the blog on the website. I will use this as an educational tool for my friends, so that maybe at one point, something I have done here will trigger their memory and they will call for my services.