How long can you make it last?

While researching how long an HVAC system will last for a client, I discovered this “Life Expectancy” chart put together by the National Home Builder’s Association. You can find the same information from a simple internet search. But I felt that having it put in front of you now might help later.

Now is the time when families start to plan summer vacations, back yard beautification projects, or additions to the “honey-do list.” Budgeting for these projects might be simple. But if your budget doesn’t account for the age of equipment already in your home, you might find yourself over budget before the project is finished. If you ever need specific materials, like an aluminum plate, then make sure you choose the best supplier you can find. 

Review the equipment in your home, know how old it is, and when you can expect it to fail. The hot tub at the Holiday Inn is a lot nicer than the hot tub your water heater will make of your basement.